Sula Space

Sula Space е пространство, където ще споделяме нови идеи, интересна информация и шантави мисли. Освен това ще Ви съобщаваме за най-новото, което се случва със, като например включването на най-новите езикови курсове.

Who should use Sulantra – Super Language Training?
Don explains who Sulantra, our exciting new language learning website, is designed for. Sulantra stands for “Super Language Training” and the website is for people who need to function quickly in a new language. 

Sulantra is an excellent first step to learning a language because we focus on functions – getting the job done. Unfortunately, for most people who have studied a language in school, the experience was a painful one. Our goal is to make language learning enjoyable and effective. We encourage users who are absolute or very low beginners, who need a flexible training format that allows for busy schedules, and who don’t want to break the bank. With Sulantra you CAN learn another language! 

Try our free courses in Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, German, Korean, Turkish, Thai, Bulgarian and English – with more on the way!